This is where my hair is now in March 2006


This is where my hair is now in March 2006. My hair is quite elastic and sometimes the growth is not as obvious. In between 2001 and 2006 I have trimmed my hair by several inches to try and remove the damaged sections. My hair is thermally pressed.

When I was growing up, one assumption that I always had about hair was that some people could grow long hair, and others couldn’t. I always assumed I was in the second group. I figured that my hair would reach a certain length, and there it would stop. Even though I occasionally saw black people with long hair, I assumed it was a genetic thing and that my hair would never grow that long. But after working with my hair I have realized that it can grow. Hair growth is a product of two factors, technique and product. You need both to have decent hair growth, especially with kinky, coarse African American hair.

Hair growth = (good hair products) + (good hair maintenance techniques)


2 thoughts on “This is where my hair is now in March 2006

  1. I have always thought the same thing that i cant grow my hair and now my hair is breaking off. Is it really important to wrap your hair up every night? cause some days im just to tired and if i wannt grow it out should i return it back to natural? or keep it straight and keep it oiled?

  2. your hair is lovely..i currently have a relaxer but i have decided to go natural again…did the natural thing 2years ago and im really to do it again!!

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