Natural Black Hair Care Tip – Dealing With Knots


This is a photo of my natural hair right before I press it. It tends to knot at the ends and it takes work to deal with the knots. But working out the knots helps to preserve hair length, so it is something I’ve decided to take the time to do. I’ve decided that there are three ways to deal with knots: 1) Decide it if is a knot in the first place. Sometimes the kinks feel like knots, but actually aren’t. 2) If it is a knot, try to work it out using hair oil or a thin needle. When I encounter a knot I try to gently unloosen it. When my hair is moisturized it is easy to remove knots that aren’t too tight. Sometimes I take a thin pin and put it in the center of the knot and gently unloosen it. 3) If the knot is unworkable, remove as many hairs as possible from the knot, and then cut the knot out. I try to work the knot down to one or two hairs and then if it is joining two hairs together, I cut it off. I hate this last option, but sometimes it has to be done.


8 thoughts on “Natural Black Hair Care Tip – Dealing With Knots

  1. can you please tell me your method of how you grew your hair, and how long it took, because i want to regrow my hair naturaly, thank you

    1. You just have to work with your hands to try and remove the knot. Applying a moisturizer (like a rich conditioner) will help you to remove knots with your hands. Also, if you are wearing your hair naturally, braiding your hair into loose braids at night, and tying it up with silk or satin, will help to cut down on knots.

  2. How do you style your natural hair on a daily basis? I’m looking for quick and easy styles that will help me avoid breakage.

    1. Right now I thermally press my natural hair. For me this is the easiest way to care for my natural hair. It allows me to wear it up, or down, and I don’t have to fuss with it too much in between presses, so it is a timesaver for me. Before pressing though, I “wet styled” it using conditioner. After washing it, while it was still damp, I would apply conditioner to it, and then gather it by combing it together into a ponytail at the nape of my neck, which I would secure with a soft fabric band. I divided my ponytail into two sections which I would twist together, and then I wore a scarf until it was almost dry (about 30 minutes to an hour). After I took off the scarf, my hair would lay nicely in place all day. To maintain the style in between washes, I would remove the fabric band at night and tie up my hair in a scarf. In the morning, I would spray it with a little water, smooth any unruly hairs in place, put the fabric band back on into my ponytail, tie it up in a scarf to help the hairs lay down, remove the scarf 30 minutes later and my hair was taken care of for the day. I call this method “wet styling” and it is another easy way to care for natural hair. It doesn’t require too much attention if done properly. If you are interested in the wet styling method visit

  3. i want to see the after picture!!! I have natural hair that I have been growing for six months now and it have been keeping it moisturized and braided. This technique has helped me maintain my hair and growth because when I first cut my hair I couldn’t get braids. Anyway I see the before picture and was just inquiring the outcome of your pressed results. Your hair is beautiful. Thankyou.

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