Hair Photo From December 2006


This photo of my hair was taken in December 2006. This is the longest I let it get before I started trimming it. (in this picture I have flat ironed the hair). After taking this photo I started trimming it regularly. I think that the new hair that is growing in since I started my new routine (as described in Twelve Steps For Growing Black Hair) is healthier than the old hair that was maintained under my old routines, and that is why I try to trim my hair regularly.


My Solia – A New Flat Iron To Try


Even though I’ve never been fond of flat irons, I’ve decided to give them one last chance. After watching a relative burn up a whole head of hair using a flat iron (she used it every day), and after trying a flat iron which wasn’t high quality myself (it didn’t hurt my hair, but it didn’t really straighten it either), I had given up on flat irons. But then I got to thinking, and I realized that it wasn’t the flat iron that was the problem, it was the user of the flat iron. In my relative’s case, she turned up the flat iron as high as it would go, and used it every day. In my case, I was expecting too much from a cheap flat iron. So I have invested in a higher quality flat iron, a Solia Flat Iron , and I will see what kind of results I can get out of it. I will not use it at the temperature the manufacturer suggests. I don’t know why they think that black hair can stand a higher temperature than other types of hair. Maybe that is why so many people have problems with flat irons. I plan on using it somewhere between 350 and 400 degrees F.